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Esoteric Revelation


Representative Paradigms (Science): none (metaphysical)

Representative Paradigms (Psychology)Jung to some extent, Transpersonal Psychology

Representative Paradigms (Philosophy):Emanationism, Dramaturgy

Representative Paradigms (Religion): esoteric only

Representative Paradigms (Esotericism) Neoplatonism, Gnosticism, Tantra, Trika, Ishraqism, Sufism, Kabbalah, Hermeticism, etc


Interpretation of Reality: Reality is the interdynamic of archetypal levels, gods, planes of existence, cosmic forces, all the multiform aspects of the One.  The reality we experience is just one tiny limited part of a much vaster meta-cosmos.

Knowledge: Archetypal revelation and identity, third eye center, gnosis, apocalyptic transcendence of ego, visions of gods and cosmic powers, seeing the meta-cosmos as a  whole.

Hermeneutics and Correspondences

Psychological faculty (Sri Aurobindo): Higher, Illumined, and Intuitive Mind

Chakra (Shaktism and New Age derivatives thereof) Ajna

Sefirot (Kabbalah/Qabalah and New Age derivatives thereof) Hokhmah, Binah and Daat

Graphic from - A brief introduction to the Chakra System

yogic being
Esoteric Earth
Esoteric Cosmos
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