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Occult Harmonics - Resonance


Representative Paradigms (Science): none (metaphysical)

Representative Paradigms (Psychology)Jung to some extent

Representative Paradigms (Philosophy):Pantheism, Holism, Emanationism

Representative Paradigms (Religion):Neo-Paganism, New Age-ism

Representative Paradigms (Esotericism) Taoism, Tantra, Kabbalah, Alchemy, Hermeticism,


Interpretation of Reality: Reality is a matrix of interconnected occult relationships - the basic defining principles are harmonics, responance, correspondence.  The immanent Godhead  experienced in the mystical stage is understood as actualising and becoming the universe through activity or power - shakti.

Knowledge: Intuition rather than reasoning.  The universe is experienced symbolically through vibration, such as the subtle vibration of sound in mantra, and in specific postures and guestures (mudra).  Unlike Mysticism which tends to be passive, the emphasis here is on creative identity and power, oriented to self-expression.

Hermeneutics and Correspondences

Colour Personality type:Indigo, Violet

Psychological faculty (Jung): Introversion, Intuition

Subtle body (Barbara Brennan): Etheric Template, Celestial, Ketheric Template

Tattwa Element (Samkhya):Space (Akasha)

Chakra (Shaktism and New Age derivatives thereof): Vishuddha

Sefirot (Kabbalah/Qabalah and New Age derivatives thereof) Gevurahand Hesed

Graphic from - A brief introduction to the Chakra System

Occult being
Occult Earth
Occult universe
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