Beyond the Paradigm is the Metaparadigm.  A Meta-paradigm (and a meta-meta-paradigm) is a  group of paradigms sharing certain common ways of looking at and interpreting and distorting reality.  For the sake of gross over-simplicity (which is necessary because otherwise one could have endless sub-sub-sub divisions and an infinite number of parameters) I have selected a few metaparadigms here.  These are just some convenient frameworks for putting things in boxes so the rational intellect can comprehend them.  Ultimately of course Reality is beyond all paradigms

Reality is infinitely multifaceted, and the reality one experiences is a result of one's state of consciousness at the time (and perhaps dare I say vice-versa  ;-)  So it is not the case that one reality is "higher" than another; all are different perspectives, some more limited, some more universal.

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