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The Hypostases - The Progressive Unfolding and Self-Manifestation of Divinity

Definition: The term "Hypostasis" is used here to refer to an aspect of Divinity or Godhead that also serves as the Ground or Foundation or Reality of existence, and supports and gives rise to all beings and reality on the grade that is ontologically inferior to It. Each hypostasis is in turn derived from or an aspect or mode of the hypostasis above it. A hypostasis is both a "world" (reality, plane, sphere of existence, whatever) and a Personality that serves as the Central Being or Core Reality for all entities it panentheistically emanates

Examples: Apart from the paradigmatic hypostases of Neoplatonism, examples might be the tanazzulut or "Descents" (of the Divine Presence) of Sufism, and the Partzufim and Sefirot of Kabbalah.
Orexis - Epithymia - Kama - Desire Orexis can be defined as the stratum of our being that corresponds to likes and dislikes, excitement, It can be defined as And as While a part of the psyche, it also is far enough beneath the intellect to seem as a distinct entity - the double.

The lowest of the three primary principles of the psyche, Orexis is of primary importance in understanding human nature. Almost everything in everyday consciousness, society, popular culture, pop-music, movies and TV, requires Orexis to be properly explained. In this respect, a purely rationalistic discipline like academia, which has no concept of Orexis, cannot explain common society, but is limited to an ivory tower absraction.

It is easy to track orexis by observing one's own reactions of consciousness. Getting caught up in a catchy pop tune about love found or lost, a patriotic anthem or showing of the flag, a close match of spectator sport involving a team you follow, a Hollywood action blockbuster revolving around some simple story of betrayal and revenge, shootouts or car chases or other spectacle, a novel you can't put down, a mob going wild, the thrill of the chase when trying to pick up someone for sex at a nightclub or party, or the disappointment of being rejected or stood up; being on the winning team, or being on the losing team, the excitement and high when everything is going well, and the dissapointment and depression when it isn't; all this, and more, is orexis, the desire nature, the double.

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