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The Evolution of Consciousness - the esoteric dimension
Vertebrate brain evolution
MemesThe Meme
Spatial Archetypes - The six primary Archetypes of Psyche and Civilisation
- by Mimi Lobell
Holism and Ecological Spirituality
From Tribal Village to Global Tribe
The Technozoic Era


web pageGaia, Our Living, Awakening Earth

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web pageNoosphere - the emerging web of consciousness - The page contains links to several articles related to the Noosphere and Teilhard de Chardin. In these articles, the conceptualization of the Noosphere ranges from simply "the Internet" and computing technology... to Cyberspace... to the global mind... to next step in humankind's and the Earth's evolution. I intend to record a few of my own perspectives as this dimension of the Technoetic web site grows and expands. - Stephen Bate

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Web SiteBorgus Ideas - here is something similiar to the Teilhardian Noosphere, from my good friend external linkThe Borg.  The web site has more detail, but summarised (from emails) he says
a  "life force consiousness" similar to the Gaia theory, and also similar to the Hindu Brahman.   My idea is similar, but more like a borg collective... but has a level of single consiousness that guides it... such as when a meteor wiped out most of the life on the planet, humans appeared to prevent that from happening again.  This could have been a sort of defense mechanism... perhaps by creating thinking/reasoning beings it could  easier survive a worldwide disaster in the future.  So in effect...  instead of Darwin's "survival of the fittest" being the dominating  factor in evolution, changes are guided by the needs (or reactions to destructive forces) of the collective-life-force consiousness.

Web SitePsychology, Culture, and Evolution - this site is concerned with the intersection of psychology, culture, and evolution. There are three related sections.   The first is concerned with the evolution of the human capacity to construct signs, e.g. the emergence of graphic images during the Late Paleolithic.  The second deals with Cultural-Historical Psychology.  The third section concerns theories and arguments about the evolution of brain, consciousness, language, and sociality.

Web Site Mythos & Logos -  Brent Dean Robbins - dedicated to the promotion of existential-phenomenological philosophy, psychology, and literature.

Salon com A note on the Enlightenment, Romanticism and science fiction - The heirs of Ben Franklin and those of Percy Shelley vie for the future. - 

"Star Wars" despots vs. "Star Trek" populists

The battle of the dominante memes - the two rival ways of thinking and understanding, the old traditional mythological archetypal hierrachical perspective, as represented by Joseph Campbell's "Myth of the Hero" and represented today by popular films like George Lucas' Star Wars, and the two interesting and thought-provoking essays by science fiction writer external linkDavid Brin

The standard Gaia Hypothesis
The Strong Gaia theory
The Eco-Pagan and Eco-Pantheist position
(sentient - Goddess Earth)
Occult Earth
(resonant harmonics)
The Esoteric position
(hierarchies of consciousness)


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