The Consciousness or Inwardness of Gaia could be said to consist of the following components (proceeding from inward to outward)

The Absolute Reality which is the Unitary Self in all beings
The Gaian Monad
The Monad of every individual being
The Soul or Heart of Gaia
The Divine Soul or Higer Self (Augeoides) that evolves potentially or actually in every being
planetary spiritual consciousness
ideational devas
The developing Ideational Body
planetary astral consciousness
astral devas (nature spirits)
The developing Astral Body
planetary mental aura
Mental elemental beings
(group minds)
The individual Mental Body
planetary emotional aura
Emotional elemental beings
(group feelings)
The Individual Emotional Body
The Planetray Etheric template
Etheric matrixes; ch'i flow lines, ecosystem life-force
The Individual Etheric body
The physical planet Earth
Geoides, Ecosystems, etc
Physical organisms and bodies

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My apologies for the new age and theosophical terms.  I employ these because they represent paradigms that have developed around inward realities, just as science has developed around outward realities.  The validity of one doesn't invalidate the other.

The Evolution of Consciousness
Occult and spiritual entities: Elements, Daimons, and Gods
UFO Amoebas



realm of mysticism
realm of occultism
realm of psychology
realm of parascience
realm of science 
neither inward nor outward
innermost inward
more spiritual inward
more psychically inward
transitional - qualities of both inner and outer
the Without
less spiritual inward
less psychically inward

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last updated 16 May 2001

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