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Family Eothyrididae

Eothyris parkeyi
Eothyris parkeyi, skull length about 6 cm

This family of very primitive Pelycosaurs includes only two small pelycosaurs, known only from several skulls anf limb bones from the early Permian of North America. In terms of cranial morphology the eothyridids are the most primitive of any pelycosaur. For this reason they are, in modern cladistic classifications, considered a sort of ancestral group (or rather, the sister group to all other Pelycosaurs). However they appear quite late in the fossil record (they are one of the last groups of Pelycosaurs to appear), which means either they existed for a long time but in upland areas or isolated geographic regions away from any chance of fossilisation, or alternatively they are actually only secondarily primitive. Either hypothesis is valid, and the answer, if it is ever known, must await further fossil discoveries.

The Eothyririds share a few unique characteristics (synapomorphies) with the caseids, indicating they may be ancestral to the latter. The two groups are united in the clade (suborder?) Caseasauria

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List of Genera and species

Eothyris pakeyi Romer
Oedaleops campi Langston

Eothyris, from the Early Permian of Texas (Belle Plains formation, link to palaeos com Artinskian age), is known from a single skull (left), 62mm in length, The teeth are simple conical structures, and there are distinct caniniform teeth.

Oedaleops, from the Early Permian of New Mexico (Abo Cutler Formation, link to palaeos com Sakmarian , is known from three partial skulls and some limb elements.

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cladogramSynapsida (cladogram)

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