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Gravity and Levity in Archosaur evolution


In the evolution of birds, the sequence from protodinosaur to bird is only one half of the evolutionary picture; the aspect that is most apparent.  But there is another half as well, which, although equally visible, is not so apparent.  This is  the counterpole, the other half of  the evolutionary process.

In a sense, the Bird-kingdom constitutes the assimilation of the etheric (or "Greek") element of "air".  The bird, in aquiring  the power of flight, had to become extremely light (with hollow bones, internal air-sacs, etc), so that they could fly.  They took on the characteristics of the element Air, or what, following Anthroposophist Ernst Lehrs (in his book "Man or Matter"), we could call the polarity of Levity.

Now, the  opposite of Air is Earth;  the opposite of Levity is Gravity.  And, at the same time that the pre-bird theropods were evolving into lighter and smaller bird-like forms, other dinosaurs were becoming larger, heavier, and more massive;  gigantic in fact.  These were the sauropods.

So we could say that the sauropods,  in becoming exceedingly large and heavy - massive elephantine bodies and limbs, and weights of upto 50 or even 80 tons - took on the characteristics of the element Earth, or the polarity of Gravity.

So the sauropods were the earthly, gravitational shadow or couterpole of the birds; and the birds the aerial levitational shadow  or counterpole of the sauropods.  I am talking here not in physical terms, but in terms of Etheric Formative Forces, for Earth and  Air, or Gravity and Levity, are Etheric polarities, not physical polarities.  Yet  it is  these etheric forces, equivalent to Rupert Sheldrake's "Morphogenetic Fields", that are the matrixes behind the outer organic physical form.  And the diverse forms of organic life are the physical or material symphony of the etheric and spiritual worlds.

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