A New Zoology

Archetypes and Morphotypes through Geological Time

Archetypes through time
Development of forms from early Lemurian (a, left) [=Permo-Carboniferous) to late Lemurian (b) [=Jurassic and Cretaceous] to Atlantean (c) [=Cenozoic] and post-Atlantean (d, right) [=Holocene]

From Hermann Popplebaum, A New Zoology, 1961, Philosophic-Anthroposphic Press, Dornach/Switzerland

The above diagram by Hermann Poppelbaum evocatively illustrates the concept of successive archetypes unfolding through geological time. As an actual census of biota this diagram is absurd. But as a representation of the "ruling lifeforms", represented teleologically, anthropocentriocally, and even esoterically, it is an interesting approach.

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