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Robyn Simpfendorfer,

Bell. 2786. NSW
July 1989.

In June 1988 Philip and I travelled from "Belltrees" in the Blue Mountains to Nepal Lid Kashmir where, for thousands of years, devotion to the Goddesses has been an important part of life in these Himalayan Valleys. With the increase in awareness of the upsurge of these energies throughout the world following Harmonic Convergence in August 1987 and the three phases of Earthlink in 1988, I wanted a greater and deeper understanding.

In Nepal we met the devouring aspect of the Goddess, typified by blood flowing from animal sacrifices, at the shrine of Daksum Kali. Every night in Kathmandu we had extremely unpleasant dreams and I found it very changed from my previous visit 20 years earlier when it was just awakening to the West. Our last week in Nepal was spent at the Kopan Buddhist Monastery and the bad dreams ceased.

The lamas perform frequent protection ceremonies. I wondered why so many Westerners got sick in Nepal. Perhaps more than germs are involved. Is it that they are weakened by the energies assaulting them?

A much purer form of the Goddess worship is practiced by the remaining Kashmiri Hindus. They now form only 3% of the population of Kastunir having been overwhelmed by the 95% Muslim people who care little for the worship of Feminine Divinity or the upliftment of woman and slowly the Goddess energy which is so vital for the balance of wellbeing in the world is being inundated and desecrated. The majority of visitors to Kashmir are not taken to the Hindu shrines - the beautifirl Khir Bhawani Spring, Hari Pabat home of Sharika, Uma Devi or Cheshmai-sahibi and have no idea of their importance.

Let me tell you how I came to be given the joyous task of bringing some of the nurturing energy from the crown of the Himalayas to the base in Australia thus joining the two. In mid July, seven of us trekked to Amar Nath Cave, the most sacred site of Hindus who visit in their thousands by the full moon in August. Amar Nath means Lord of Immortality and the cave is a sacred site for the Divine Union of Shiva and Parvati on Earth. Philip had been there on four previous journeys and had, on each occasion, been deeply touched by the experience. As we stood before the great ice linga I received a very clear message from Goddess source that was Very releveant. As I am not in the habit of hearing voices or communing with guides, it made a deep impression. We left the cave with Philip also having been deeply moved and returned a couple of hours later.

Luckily at that time there were few other pilgrims. This time, after a Iong meditation, I approached the linga again barefooted on the ice, and after placing a stone from "Belltrees", received a much more profound communication that left me in tears for an hour afterwards. Tears of joy, sorrow of wasted aeons, regrets, for untruths told and lack of love given and from the depth of my soul.

Several days later saw us at Lake Gangabal below Mt. Harmukh where another deep experience occurred and in the Gadsar Valley, a home of the love and power of the Goddess, Sharika, the feminine aspect of God. A flower strewn, lake bejewelled, clear air perfumed inspirational place where Music of the Spheres could be heard. I sang my heart open with happiness.

On our return to Shrinagar I became quite unwell with a chest infection, fever, coughing and generally feeling rotten. Some days later we visited Cheshmai-sahibi, a somewhat overgrown garden with a spring of pure water, where the female mystic Rupa Bhawani spent years in meditation and writing some 200 years ago. That night, as I was half asleep and coughing deeply, an energy seemed to enter through the top of my head and pass down my body. I got out of bed and sat on a chair to try to understand what was happening and Rupa Bhawani made herself known to me and healed me - instantaneously. She then proceeded to instruct me in what she wanted me to do and infused me with her love. She warned me that what she was asking me to do was fairly dangerous and to have little contact with others, especially Muslims, until I left Kashmir. She told me of the waning powers of the vital Goddess energy in Kashmir and that I was to take as much as I could and deposit it in Australia, at Katajuta (the Olgas) and at the Goddess site on "Belltrees". She showed me a vision of the area in Katajuta that had been prepared to receive the energy, by a few people during the past years. As I seemed to be shining brightly she sealed me in a black oval shape to disguise me whilst still in Kashmir and Philip, was empowered to protect me. The black was similar the black robes worn by Muslim women when they leave their houses.

We left Shrinagar the following morning for Achebel, a pleasant town with Moghul Gardens some 40 km away as we were on our way to a World Wide Healing conference at Pahalgarn (which we didn't gel to). During the ensuing ten days we spent quite a lot of time meditating at the Nag Dandi Ashram, some 20 minutes walk from the Government Guest House set amidst wonderful gardens where we were staying. Ashokananda, the man who began the Ashram, left his body in 1971 and is buried there. His presence is still there, watching over the place. He made contact with me, and started checking me out. I was also aware of the female Presences, one Rupa Bhawani, one called the mother who was wife to Rama Krishna to whom Asokananda was devoted, and one calling herself Lileth (found out more about her later), all emanating and overlighted by Sharika. You must realize much of this was new to me and I was constantly asking questions and wanting to be sure this was "reality".

My sealed aura was uncovered, as it was safe to do it there, for the old man kept guard. I was then infused with energy and given instruction on what to do with it. A lighter gauze was put around the energy and then sealed again. This happened every evening for a week until I felt I could hold no more and was enormous, but more was added from Khir Bhawani spring, Hari Pabat and Cheshmai sahibi just before we departed Kashmir. It was interesting how the energy was woven into strands of light that radiated around me with each line finer than the previous one, as linen to silk, then compressed like a bale of wool. A rainbow lining was inserted between the gauze and the black layers. I was told 1 would know what it was for when I went to Katajuta. By this time I was getting quite used to contact with these beautiful beings and sad at the thought of leaving but with the riots and looting that followed the death of President Zia of Pakistan, we left a week earlier than planned. This took quite some work on many levels to get a seat on a plane to Delhi, as anyone who has experienced panic in the Indian Airline office in Shrinagar would know.

On return to Sydney, we left the following day for Central Australia and Yulara. 1 had a remarkable connection with that area during Earthlink 1 and realized that the Sharika energy seemed similar to the Shekinah that had prepared the area. I could bring back so little of the feminine energy from Kashmir but enough to catalyse and intertwine with the force that flowed along the prepared male line. This flows from Mt. Kailas in Tibet (the sacred place of die union of Shiva and Parvati in Heaven), to Mt. Harmukh to Mt. Connor (Atila). The female line now flows from Mt. Kailas through the wonderful flower filled, highly energised Gadsar Valley, across to Katajuta as a double helix shaped energy, and thence throughout Australia via Uuru.

My ego took over at one stage and I asked "Why me"? Did 1 have the strength and ability to do this? Well, they said they were getting desperate and that no woman had come from Australia to Kashmir with any great ability and I was the best available, so if I failed it could be some time before the energy transference could take place. They were running out of time and all the preparation would have to he repeated - so don't fail. What a back-handed compliment! However, I felt highly privileged to be even considered a vessel for the task as it could lead to Australia fulfilling its purpose in times to come. Philip's energy was well known to the spiritual beings in Kashmir through his spiritual teacher, Gopi Nath Ji. This Divine Feminine energy had to he transferred within the human form and deposited in a prepared site. (Probably like a homing device on a missile, some energy of greater force can locate and home in on - but to create not destroy.)

I received a lot of inner teaching on the future role of women and the necessity to change our way of perceiving ourselves if we want equality. Our Divine connection needs to be reactivated and we should work in co-operation and not competition with men. The Goddess energy needed to go to Australia for several reasons.

It is a country comparatively free from religious dogma, domination and tradition. Our women are free and mostly treated as equals, especially by the educated. There are many aware and capable women living here who have a sense of purpose, adventure and a pioneering spirit. Without the fortitude of our female ancestors, this country would be very different. It was the first country to give women a vote - in South Australia. It is a country of the future. It has a powerful and activated male and female site at its centre ready to receive and to distribute this energy. There will be indications within the next decade if this mission has been successful.

From Yulara we took a bus to Katajuta and the driver took us to the Valley of the Winds carpark, saying he never went there on the bus but felt he wanted to on that particular day. He led the passengers on a walk, pointing out the way through the Valley if anyone wished to walk through and meet the afternoon bus. To Philip and I he said we might like to go through the parallel valley, which we did and came to the area I had been shown in Kashmir! As the following day, 27th August, was full moon that eclipsed later that evening, Raksha Bundi day in Kashmir and the day of the transference we went back again, with a different driver who said busses never went to the Valley of the Winds carpark, but en route he too decided to make the extra journey, saving us hours of walking in the sun to the site. So we found the area, strewn with a circle of large boulders looking for all the world like a group of old men. After preparing an altar, we invoked the, spirits of the place who were to assist us. I became aware of several figures and then a very large being of light and energy with no real form. Soon the outer black seal around me was lowered revealing the rainbow covering which began to spin until it formed a spiral of colour and energy, then dispersed along prepared lines to various destinations. Following this, the precious treasure nurtured so carefully from the female sites of the Goddess was released. I felt a great surge of energy, the auric field swelled, the light gauze disintegrated and the aura of light exploded into millions of tiny sparks that seemed to have direction. My body shuddered violently but I felt joyous and very light in weight. I hadn't realized how heavy my 'burden' had been.

The exchange of energies has continued as part is deposited at a special site on "Belltrees".

She calls and I hear
From the depths of my being
I respond and follow her voice.
She leads me on a capricious journey
Along roads to nowhere
Amongst strange peoples
With whom I cannot even converse.
But I know that one day
When I have proven worthy
She will guide me along
The true path and I will see her
Shining in all her glory.
She will welcome me
And together, united
Shall we enter the realms
Of the Highest and be
Reunited with the source of all
Light and Love and Power.



Robyn Adams has been making pilgrimages to the sacred sites of the world for most of her adult life, and is directly involved in working and networking with those whose sacred task it is to re-activate and re-align the etheric balance of the Earth linked with the re-emergence of the Divine Feminine. She lives in the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney, Australia and works in an wholostic Health Resort. She also lectures and writes on health related matters and the sacred earth.

Update - October 1994.

Since this article was published in 1989, many changes have taken place. Robyn Simpfendorfer now calls herself Robyn Adams, "Belltrees" is now named Glastonbell, and the status of women in Australia has improved considerably, supported by Government decree, and Moslem militants have invaded Kashmir, destroying many of the sites sacred to the Divine Feminine and the Universal Mother.

Update - Sept. 1999

The indications now to appear that this Divine Feminine Energy is ready to move further around Australia. One prophecy was that central Australia would become much greener, which it has done with regular rainfalls. We do not yet have a woman Prime Minister, but New Zealand has had two. In December, 1994 the Auralia energy entered into Robyn and since that time they have travelled the world, anchoring and opening to the next epoch, that of the Divine Feminine. In December, 1994 the Auralia energy entered into Robyn and since that time they have travelled the world, anchoring and opening to the next epoch, that of the Divine Feminine beginning in the year 2000, with the Journey of Infinity. Major clearing and opening of the place on the planet where the Divine Feminine enters over Lake Titicaca in Bolivia/Peru in 1996 further prepared the way when it was connected to the global Matrix Line. A return journey to Lake Titicaca for the solar eclipse in August 1999 further strengthened the Force. The sacred land of New Zealand. has played a crucial role in also anchoring new energies being poured onto the planet. As it is the Feminine aspect to Australia's masculine, it had to he activated first, before the energy winds around Australia in balance and harmony, with female and male during 2000 and the great Journey of Infinity. Robyn has travelled to Godzone country each year from 1990 until 1999 to prepare for this event, spending two years in total working there. Philip also made several journeys, the main one being to assist in the placing of the huge crystal to anchor the Southern Spiritual Pole in 1991. In that year Robyn made a four month journey around the world to assist in the activation of the Matrix Line, especially in Malta, and another four month journey in 1999 to further prepare the line. Now all is in readiness for the next step and Robyn is having a well earned rest in Yamba. For how long, that is the question!

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