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About Bhagawan Gopinath Ji, Islamic Terrorism and Australia.

A transcript extracted from the taped discussion between Philip Simpfendorfer and Steven Guth in Canberra on the 24th and 25th of April 2002.

Below is the third section of three parts. All three sections come from Philip's and Steven's taped discussions which centred around Philip's book. All three sections are interconnected and are best read together. Philip's book, "Journey to Earth's Dawning" is a good read, easy to follow and more fun than this rather dense interview transcript. It is available as an e-book on this site.

The three sections are -

Background and afterthoughts on the events that are described in Philip Simpendorfer's book, "Journey to Earth's Dawning".

"The Renewal of the Dreaming" in Australia.

About Bhagawan Gopinath Ji, Islamic Terrorism and Australia. (this page)

Also relevent to all this material and included in this site are -

A letter by Mr S. N. Fotedar to Philip about Islamic psychic intrusion into Kashmir.

Robyn Adam's article "Kashmir Journey 1988". It tells of how Robyn traveled from Kashmir to central Australia with an aspect the goddess energy in her body.

external link  Biography of Bhagawan Gopinath Ji by S. N. Fotedar.

What is a Master? In what way was Bhagaaan Gopinath Ji a Master?

I feel I should say something here about my attitude to the over used and poorly defined term "Masters".

In the Theosophical tradition the Masters are considered guides of the planet. They seemingly lived in the hills of Tibet - physical or disincarnate form is not quite clear. Shamballa was suggested as the place where they may live. Shangri La - a book from the 1920's was a popular expression of that idea. Leadbeater gave descriptions of the Masters living in houses near a lake.

Apparently the Masters came and gave information and teachings to early Theosophical luminaries. The 'Mahatma Letters to Sinnett' is a collection of advice and teachings given by the Masters. One reads the letters and wonders about the ability of the Masters. The Theosophical tradition suggests, that they were more capable, more divine than the writings indicate.

One has the impression that the letters were written by Indian Brahmans that were working out how to accommodate their feelings of caste into European value systems. So they gave teachings on races and evolutionary cycles.

The Theosophical tradition holds that Masters come to help guide people so that they can work towards the betterment of the planet.

So Bhagawan Gopinath Ji - perhaps we should call him Master J in the tradition of master K and Master M has been around after his death. But maybe he is still living in discarnate form in Tibet or Shamballa. Or maybe he is incarnate there? Leaving all that aside as impossible to verify, many people have had experience with Gopinath Ji in discarnate form - as have I.

I've written about my experiences with Gopinath Ji in"The Journey to Earth's Dawning". Some of the theoretical considerations are interesting.

To be a Master, you have to have mastery over something. Gopinath Ji's mastery seems particularly to have been over some of the processes of creation. In the Kashmiri tradition one of the tests for a holy man was to produce something from nothing. Gopinath Ji seemed able to do this. Mr. Fotedar in his book gives stories and I heard more from people I spoke to.

Mr. Fotedar whom I knew well, was a devotee of Gopinath Ji. Some of the anecdotes in his book seemed a bit incredible. For example the story of Gopinath Ji regurgitating living, whole fish after being reproved for eating fish at a site by the local Sadhu (holy man). Gopinath Ji vomited up the living fish and said, "If you want fish, here is your fish". I checked this story out with other people, even one person who was at the occasion and they all said, "yes that's right!

He had this ability to even reconstruct produce living material from somewhere.

Apparently, as a sidelight, the Masters involved in the early Theosophical Society could apport letters around and have them appear anywhere in the world. But that seems to have been the extent of their ability, their mastery over the usual processes of creation.

Of course Gopinath Ji, or at least his emanation, keeps appearing to people in India and Australia. He has a recognizable emanation. Gopinath Ji told me (I describe this in "The Journey to Earth's Dawning") to mistrust anything that came in dreams or, more broadly, through channeling. I've thought about this.

Let's accept the model of Chakras - energy points associated with different levels of consciousnesses in the body...There seems to be a point directly above our heads related to star wisdom, to the Astral sphere. It's the part, the location which Gods and discarnate spirits use to communicate with us. In Colin Bloy's model - which is similar to the Chakra model, there is another point above that which related to the human archetype.

That's the point Gopinath Ji seeks to communicate from. He wasn't an avatar, an incarnation of God. Rather, he was a human being who by his practices within the Rishi tradition of India achieved Divine Consciousness - human divine consciousness.

Masters are human beings who have achieved human divine consciousness. This contrasts with Avatars who are God made manifest on earth. Buddha was a master, a human being who discovered enlightenment. In fact, comparisons have been made between Gopinath Ji and Buddha - both had a special birth but are essentially human beings who by hard work (in one form or another) achieved enlightenment - union with the Divine.

Gopinath Ji's agony lasted seven years. This was the time from where he changed from a limited human being to a human being in which the infinite quality had free flow.

How do you extend your consciousness to the Chakra point your head so that you can communicate with Gopinath Ji?

When I live at Glastonbell it is much easier. When you meditate in a place every day it's much easier to get to it. In new places you need to carve your way through certain thought forms to get to where you want to go.

The first breakthrough came in the Himalayas - when I first experienced this opening of consciousness above my head.

It happened as I was walking across the snows of Nepal. Gopinath Ji didn't come through the doorway until some weeks later in the hotel room in Delhi (I describe this in the book).

The doorway opened when I was on a trek around Anapurna (which means the food giving, the nourishing goddess). I was alone and walking across the snow thinking about the pure white world around me and quite unexpectedly energy came over me and suddenly everything seemed vibrantly alive - even my footsteps, quite extraordinary. I was in a state a bit above the senses. I was aware that something did open above my head - an extraordinary experience that has remained with me

Unless you are in that state of consciousness above your head and think you are connecting with a Master - beware because you may be communicating with something else. I hint at this in the book but its not made all that clear.

There are times I've dreamed about Gopinath Ji and following his advice I've ignored the dreams. Because what comes as a dream can be clouded by anything in the atmosphere or one's own personality.

That's the point about dealing with Gopinath Ji, it's different to dealing with oneself, its as if a living person were out there.

Gopinath Ji was Master of the Tattwas?

There are many of them; over 20 and they reflect the processes of creation from Paramashiva - the highest Absolute - right down to the basic senses. All are gateways for creation to come to planet - the basic building blocks of creation on earth.

In each cycle of the universe there are different combinations of them. That's the significance of Gopinath Ji. As we enter into this new phases of Earth's evolution - and the evolution of consciousness on Earth - that Gopinath Ji has been helping construct a new paradigm - a new creation of consciousness.

The Kashmiri contribution is the connection with earth sites, sacred sites and the Devi [Goddess] or Devas associated with those sites.

What Gopinath Ji is working for is a new uniting, a new coming together of the Deva energies and the human energies for the sake of the evolution of both and also, of course, for the evolution of Earth.

I suspect this was the reason for his interest in Australia. Because it was easy to build on the aboriginal connections with Spirits of Place and with the land. There is a fertile soil for energy work in Australia when one scratches under the surface of what has been introduced by white settlement in Australia. It's only been 200 years, it's a short period and the numbers involved have been few. Only 20 million people live in Australia now and most of them live in five large cities.

Gopinath Ji has managed to scratch through this thin layer of Europeanisation to let the other energies come forth again.

There is also the issue that you, Steven, call Shiva dancing (see link) about the change in the energy flow channels over the earth. Australia has become the prime channel for the new energies that are flowing up from Antarctica. It's because I'm interested in working with those energies that I have moved to Hobart.

Now that we have been to mediate there lets talk about the new energy in Canberra's Parliament House.

It seems to be a large sacred site Deva, perhaps situated around the central fountain with its flagpole. It seems to have come from central Australia where it was a harmony balancing thing between different tribal areas, different people and different beings. It seems to have come to Parliament House to try and influence the harmony of the Nation through its presence.

One has the impression that the Goddess Energy that was brought to Australia is known to the Parliament House being. It appears that the Parliament House deva regards the Kasmir Goddess a bit like a friend that has come for a holiday. But one also gets the impression that the beings involved are so big with a complex consciousness - which so exceeds what we can grasp - that it is almost impossible for us to understand what they really are. We are looking at huge devas, huge beings, Gods and Goddesses.

That is also one of the things about Gopinath Ji. He was in touch with that realm and was always hard to understand. He spoke little and left no written material. People who knew him, or had contact with him, always wondered what he was up to.

Do you have more to say about Gopinath Ji?

He always used the plural "we" when he addressed me. I thought this strange but others told me it is what he always used - the second person plural was what he used.

There was always the sense that he belonged to a sort of fraternity. When I heard about the Seven Rishis in India who came to set up the pattern of life after the great flood - it seems, and from what he said that, that he was an incarnation of a mouthpiece of this band of people.

There was the indication that a new period was starting and it is of as great a significance as the one after the flood that covered the earth. This group of seven - who always for some reason, came by boat - and start off the new culture in a country.

It seems that Gopinath Ji was an expression of this, through which something new was starting - a new thing with as great a contrast as the new that has taken place after the great flood.

In other words it involves a whole new energy pattern for the earth, a whole new emphasis on certain places with their particular devas, Gods and Goddesses... not just a change in human social structure but a change in the whole Earth's energy patterns.

It seems that he came as part of the CAUSE of that whole new energy pattern. He was working at a very subtle level; which is why that in his lifetime he never looked for a following and give precise instructions that we wasn't thinking of a following in Australia. He had certain work to do in Australia and he still seems to be working here - very differently.

It is hard to describe, to define the person who is working in "Unity Consciousness" because they are not so much an individual consciousness, they are in a joint consciousness with the universal whole while still being a person.

Ten years ago the images of Gopinath Ji were more like a person. Now it feels more like a consciousness with an energy around it - which I have described before as a sort of softness, a rosy coloured feeling and a fragrance. Over the years since Gopinath died he has moved from being a sort of disincarnate human to being a sort of consciousness that projects an image in front of it. Some of the people in India say it's moving away from the Bhagawan Gopinath Ji to a Bhagawan consciousness.

So perhaps even Masters, like the Theosophical Masters, even if fairly individualised ten or twenty years after their bodily death, fade after 40 or 50 years into something more diffuse. Perhaps that's the process with Masters, after a time their disincarnate personality opens up and vapourises.

In my book I mention the need for a number of SIVAs (supremely inward valuing all), which of course Gopinath Ji was in his life. I guess that's a reasonable statement about what is a Master.

Unlike the Theosophical Masters, who often gave advice about the running of the organization, Gopinath Ji just wasn't interested, as I say in the book, he was very compassionate to individuals, and answered to the concerns they had on their minds even before they said anything - at the level they wanted.

There's an interesting story about how he could read minds. Mr. Tickoo", an educated Indian took a friend - who didn't believe in astrology - along to see Gopinath Ji. When they came into the room Gopinath Ji manifested a person who gave all this astrological advice about the influence of the stars... going there and talking to people I got such a wealth of anecdotes.

Then there was the merchant who came along to see if Gopinath Ji could eat anything. He brought along a wad of opium and a bottle of Indian whiskey. Gopinath Ji ate half the opium and swallowed half the whiskey - the merchant expected Gopinath Ji to die on the spot and made to leave. Gopinath Ji prevented him and ate the other half of the opium and drank the rest of the whiskey and kept the merchant there all night in fear, waiting for Gopinath Ji to die at any moment. Despite his supernatural powers there was always this sense of amusement about what Gopinath Ji may, or may not, be doing..."what is Gopinath Ji up to now", both in his life and after his life.

What can you tell me about Gopinath Ji and Islam?

Gopinath Ji was certainly not against Muslim people but it seems he set himself against the Muslim tide that wanted to get rid of the Divine Feminine aspect in nature, which wanted to close the sites where the Divine Female came to ground. Perhaps the sites in Pakistan and Afghanistan had already been closed. The sites in Kashmir are to some extent protected by the Indian army but few people would visit or worship at them now-a-days. So perhaps with the coming of Islamic terrorists Gopinath Ji orchestrated the movement of the Goddess site energies to Australia.

Its always fascinated me that when the Moguls closed the Khir Bhawani site and other Goddess sites in Kashmir and the other parts of their world there was this flowering of the Rosary and devotions to the Divine Mother; the Virgin Mary in Europe. That was the time of St. Dominic and St. Francis. One would need to look up the dates to make firmer comparisons. So perhaps the current move of the Goddess energies to Australia has some sort of historical precedent.

Philip can you tell us a bit more about "Linking" (energy transference by linking people between sites). I have always thought of it as an idea you brought into the world.

The idea of linking in meditation - in other words when one is in that divine consciousness - arose because people in Kashmir at that time had a foreboding that the sites of the Goddess consciousness were under threat from - for want of better words - "Islamic terrorism".

There was some sense of not knowing what could be done. It was felt that perhaps if energy flowed from Australia to connect the people and places in Kashmir that there would be a uniting and so a helpful strengthening.

When it first started a group of people from the Gopinath Ji ashram would visit different sites. At that time we had started meditating for Kashmir from a cave at Glastonbell. A curious thing, on the personal level... the first few times I knew which site they were at and on the third occasion I couldn't work it out. It turned out that they were at a site that I hadn't visited to and so couldn't make a connection.

This lead me to the realisation that there was a very perceptible energy flow taking place. I, and the people in Kashmir were acting as antennas to send and receive the energy from one place to another. We human beings were the vehicles for transference. One wonders if the transference could have taken place if I had not met the people involved.

It does seem that Devas have real problems starting connections with each other. I guess that's why there are pilgrimages and why people bring gifts (like I used to do with my school children) from one site to another.

Another interesting thing. The book "Journey to Earth's Dawning" had got around by that time and a man in America wrote and said he would like to make a connection with Mt. Shasta and Kashmir. So soon after we started it became a three way connection between Mt. Shasta, Kashmir and Australia. Following that other people in Australia joined in too - very often from where there had previously been Renewing of the Dreaming camps.

However the fact was that the energy was not strong enough to hold back the Muslim tide. The power that had been built up by the Muslim holy men in Pakistan was too strong for what we were able to do. But maybe we did modify even if we could not nullify the course of events. And of course once the links had been made the Kashmir Devas may have found it easier to transfer parts of their consciousness to Australia and America.

The impression I got when we meditated at Parliament House this morning was that the Being, the Divine consciousness, the Universal Goddess energy that Robyn had brought across is here on holiday - and that it will eventually return to Kashmir.

Currently there are still militant terrorists in Kashmir but it's interesting that up to the late 1980's the militants took care to listen to the Muslim holy men and not desecrate the Goddess sites. In fact, I was told by a militant - during may last trip - that the Sufis were as big a nusiance as the Hindus simply because they advocated peace. After that the militant organisation built up, but in actual fact there are few militant Kashmiris, most come from over the border.

Lets talk a bit more about Muslim militancy

I don't like the term Muslim or Islam because it is only a very small faction that is so militant and brutal and lacking the support of the vast majority of Islamic people but there is sort quality that shouldn't be called Islamic at all...

We had the British, a century ago with ideas like "Lord of the far flung battle line" and the general glorification of war and militancy in other countries. To me it is possible - in terms of your Big M idea (see the essay Considering Islam) - that Big M, a large, powerful and strange energy, seizes hold of people who are in a certain state of consciousness and then pushes them into fanatical beliefs and actions.

It's interesting. I go to Muslim prayers most Fridays. Different people sing the call the prayer. Usually it's been an Indonesian man from Sabah and he calls in a soft pleasant energy. We then settle in to the sermon and then prayers during which there is the focus on the Kaaba in Mecca and linking takes place between us and the Kaaba - its inevitable and noticeable.

Once an Aboriginal gave the call and there was a link to a local aboriginal site Mt Corrie and a slight - but very pleasant aboriginal vibe. I sit and meditate during prayers (which the group has come to accept as a harmless Buddhist eccentricity). So, because I'm meditating, I'm fairly aware about what is going on.

Well, once a guy from Egypt gave the call and the atmosphere turned dark, ugly, harsh, and aggressive. Now people who come to pray are pretty aware of what energy exchange is happening at prayer. Normally after prayers people stand around and chat about this or that. But not that day - everyone was stunned and speechless. About half the usual number turned up for prayers on the following week. It had been a bad trip!

I think that's the sort of energy we are talking about. It's a part of Islam but I don't think it's an energy that most local Muslims want anything to do with.

I have begun to make the division between Arab Islam and Asian Islam. But perhaps this is wrong, perhaps the division that should be made is between people who can be dominated by Big M energy and those that can't. It seems to be part of the Arab culture to accept this energy. And perhaps, certainly after the stunning earth energy events in New York in September, part of the Military/industrial/politcal culture to accept these energies.

Philip, perhaps to finish off we should talk about the history, the processes, of the "Renewal of the Dreaming' in Australia?

I think the first contact between Aboriginal Australia and the Gopinath Ji energy was during the Bhagawan Gopinath Ji camps in the Blue Mountains. There were two of them. That lead into the Renewal of the Dreaming, which basically was the renewal of sacred sites in nature, what in Kashmir were called places of power where the divine presence comes forth.

That seemed to be his next area of interest - the blending with aboriginal culture. Then the various renewal of the Dreaming camps lead to the rising of what we now call Sacred Earth Sanctuaries - places where the presence of nature, the devas are acknowledged and respected.

With that movement there is now a new aspect, the Australian National Capital is being molded into the gentler more spiritual form.

To me this extreme reaction of the group that now is in Parliamentary power is just a sign that new things are about to happen and that the old forces are struggling to keep it down.

The old power is also creating all those old style monumental structures in Canberra. Magna Carta Park, Commonwealth Place, the Anglican combined Churches Centre. Even the new National Museum with its 1950's images of Colonial Australia. And then there is the Anglican Minister who is the current Governor General. All ways to keep the old ideas - and the forces they represent - in front of the public.

Yet, as we saw meditating in Parliament House a new energy is here - waiting to break through. It will be fascinating to see how it will happen.

I have noticed that there has been a transition in the aboriginal energies since the Renewal of the Dreaming started. Certainly the women have taken on more of the gentle goddess energy and overall the harsh aggressiveness of the aboriginal landscape energies around Australia has been decreasing. It seems that the women more than the men have benefited from the change.

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