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A Letter by Mr Fotedar


This is the covering letter that Philip sent to me with when he sent me Mr Fotedar's letter from Bombay dated 8/3/85.

Glastonbell 1/1/2000
Dear Steven,

Here is a photostat of the letter that I received from Fotedar 15 years ago. You can use it now, so much time has passed and what Fotedar feared may happen has indeed occurred.

You can see the context - Kashmir, Holy Land of the Goddess, and the need to destroy her way (Shakti Upasana) as a part of the ultimate Moslem triumph - a theme of "Satanic Verses" by Kashmiri Rushdie.

The process:

  1. "Prayer" focus by saints in Pakistan & Kashmir.
  2. The breakthrough into the mind of one person in the opposing spiritual headquarters (Gopinath Ashram)
  3. His destroying of power objects.
  4. The contest of saints at the spiritual headquarters - as Fotedar describes his vision in the attached letter.
  5. Triumph of Moslem saints as typified by the sequence of events prior to Indira Gandhi's assassination - also mentioned by Fotedar.

A year or two after 1985 over two dozen Hindu temples and shrines were destroyed or vandalised following a false story that some Kashmiri Moslems were killed in India on a bus tour. The bus was delayed in its return. Obviously the Militants were well organised by then. By 1989 the Goddess obviously knew what was soon to happen - as highlighted by the coming of the Universal Mother's presence to Australia with Robyn.

Kashmiri Hindus had a sense of foreboding. Then in 1990 came "Holocaust Day" when the call for Jihad to rid Kashmir of Kaffirs was broadcast over the loudspeakers of the mosques and slaughter began with the result that most of the Hindu community fled.

Best Wishes


Bombay 8/3/85

Dear Shri Philips,

We thank you cordially for your Christmas and New Year's Greetings which I and my wife reciprocate heartily.

I have been following you, with your and Sister Jann's Letters to Shri Chrungroo and Duraji, so kindly shown to me by them in Srinagar. Reading some of your "News Letters", previously issued, I was wondering why there was no sweet aroma of our Divine Bhagwan Ji but was later happy to read your letter to Duraji which clearly indicated that you have corrected yourself and limited your activities to begin with, to those only, who have full faith in Bhagwan Ji as a Jagat Guru. Old Mr. Philips Simpfendatfer is to be found nowhere, as Bhagwan Ji, has taken full possession of his body and works through it and your ego is not concerned with the result. It is his look out.

Spiritually the year 1964 was a year of great travail for me, apart from body ailments which were there too, to queer the pitch.

I returned back to Srinagar from New Delhi early in May 10,64 and sensed some sort of vague trouble in the Ashram. From 1947 onward (when Pakistan had attacked Kashmir), the Muslim saints from Pakistan and some of their way of thinking in Kashmir, tried their level best to supplant the Shakti Upasana culture of Kashmir as also to change the Government of J&K State, but, the most powerful spiritual force of Bhagwan Ji checked this onslaught single handed and they could make no headway, As theirs was a concentrated mass spiritual, invasion, Bhagwanal Ji did not only rest on his oars but, in addition to his own spiritual power and clout, he attempted ocean also to draw power directly from the ocean of Universal Cosmic Magma, to checkmate their advance (Mahareshi Shri Aurobindos attempts in this direction may be cited as an example of this process). This is a process that most of the self-realized eminent saints of Kashmir appear to have failed to master or tackle, during the last 7 or 8 centuries and the results were disastraous. Bhagawan Ji, therefore, had to girt his loins and undergo great penance and sadhana that too, for a number of years, ignoring the welfare of his physical body altogether, to meet the challanges and succeeded. to a large extent. The Pakistani saints and Muslim saints in Kashmir of their way of thinking, remained very low and subdued during the last three decades but were always on the look out for opptortunities to raise their heads again and sneak their way to renew efforts of proselytization and supplanting Shakti Culture by Muslim tenets and belief. Being saints alright, they divined that for success in their progammes the main centre of Shakti Upasana and cultural renaissance, at present, the Bhagwan Gopinath Ashram should be subverted as, it was proving to be a great hurdle in their path. The best course appeared to them to sneak into the psyche of the members of the Ashram to imperceptably change their faith or atleast capture their psyche imperceptably.

Only some of the members were amanable to their bllndishments. Some out of them were lacking the virtue of a strong will or were other wise somewhat psychotic. Some of them were stubborn, egocentric and wholly impervious to spiritual vibrations which seemed to bounce back from them. They did not feel they were being possessed and made captive nor do they feel so even now unfortunately. I shall in the Iast instance relate an incident that took place about three years back and then another during last year to give you an idea of the way they insideously work to carry out their mischevious designs.

One of the members who had joined the ashram only four or five years back, happened to go Jammu (the Winter Capital of J&K State). Thinking him fit and amenable proselitization, one Muslim saint from Kashmir had either followed him and handed him over to a Muslim saint of Jammu for the purpose. The Jammu Saint weaned him from his Brahmanical beliefs to follow the tenets of Islamic Culture. He was cajoled to use Kalima, the sacred prayer of Muslims and use other Muslim terminology in his prayers which he started using. But he was still in two minds as allegiance to Bhagwan Ji's ideology was agitatin his psyche often. He returned to Srinagar after about 3 months stay there and the Jammu Muslim saint who was his guide (in Jammu) asked him to meet a Muslim saint in Srinagar (and gave his address too) for further instructions. As soon as he returned to Srinagar he came to the Ashram, a skeleton of his old self. However, he shook off the Muslim influence and regained his normal state. He is now, to some extent, cognizing the spiritual vibrations and progressing in the spirital sphere and is a valuable member of the Ashram now.

I am now relating a very improtant event that took place in the Ashram in August 1984 with grave. consequences. This was the result of capture of the psyche of a member of the Ashram by Muslim saints without his awareness of having been possessed and possibly does not understand it still.

In the relics enclosure in the Ashram, there is a Sigdi (a hexagonal iron stave supported, on iron legs) which, Bhagwan Ji amongst others used for burning his ahutis (offerings of Sugar, Rice, flowers and other articles) for his daily homa. This contained Bhasma full to the brim, a continuous process from Bhagawan Ji's life time, some of this was given to people and replenished by burning fresh ahutis in this. One of the members of the Ashram, cleansing the relics daily, without rhyme or reason, transferred this powerful Bhasma with most powerful vibration to a bucket and consigned it to river Jhelum. This happened in August 1984, when I was in Srinagar. I was dismayed when I learnt about it. This was a very bad augury as we lost a unrenewable and most powerful source of power from the Ashram and I was wondering what is going to happen.

The Bhasma was consigned to river Jhelum in the month of August 1984.

In the month of Sept. '84 at 9 p.m. I had a clear vision (or shall I call it a Sakh-Shatkar) with my eyes open. I have never in my life time had such a vision. I was sitting in a room on the first floor of my house on the Southern side at a window and as number of people moving in the main road just outside the planking enclosure of our house in the East. Out of the lot, four people walking through the smaller road on the Southern side of our house (linked with the main road) entered through the entrance turn-style door of our house in the space within the wooden enclosure inside the gate (6ft. x 4ft.) They halted in this small wooden planked enclosure but did not attempt to go further ifito our compound. One of the four fixed his constant gaze upon me without blinking, I too replied in the same fashion. He appeared to be a Pathan of Peshowar (an area in the possession of Pakistan) sporting a gold embroidered conical cap, with two coils of Muslim like cloth for a turban (as Pathans usually have). After what appeared to be about 2 minutes, they cleared out through the main gate, the way they had entered.

Lots of people were still moving on the main road an the Eastern side and a group of say about 100 people entered through the rough plank walling for about 80 ft. of its length on the main road-side beginning from the Northern end and occupied about 6 ft. width of our compound. Some of the people I marked were dark complexioned but very tall. They were wearing short coats and pyjamas with narrow sleeves and not shilwars baggy trousers used by Muslims). After a short time they too cleared out of the enclosure, the way they had come. This was followed soon after by another group of people an the Southern side of our plank walling (total length about 160 ft.) on a 80 ft. long front. They too entered the enclosing wooden wall but remained there on the fringe. They were fair skinned of wheatish complexion and were wearing light coloured or white dresses. Some were wearing phirans, the local Kashmiri dress. But in the centre of this column, I was overjoyed to find Bhagwan Ji sitting on some sort of a platform (cannot exactly say what it was) and smiling with a buff coloured phiran, a turban an and a tilak on his forehead. They too cleared out after a short while and the vision or whatever it was ended. I got up from my seat on the window sill, where I was sitting observing all this and took to bed soon after. This gave me hope that after some trouble all well be well.

The annual function of Mahanirvana with a yajna was duly performed on Ist June '84 and a large number of people attended the function. However, a big problem arose as Bhagwan Ji's Sayanti function on 1Oth July '84 as on account of the change of the chief Ministership of the state there was disturbances and strikes and the state Government had ordered curfew (relaxed during some hours of the day in this area) and we were not sure whether people could be able to go to the Ashram on that day. Practically all the devotees went to the Ashram in the early hours of the morning and others had been there from the previous day. Homa and Paduka Pooja took place normally. Now the question agitating our minds was whether the sadhus invited for Bhandar (lunch & Dakshina and to celebrate the function) would be able to come but were happy as about 150 sadhus did turn up with emblems and comches as usual and pooja took place. to our entire satisfaction. After lunch and Dakshina they were able to go to their places of stay without being molested by the police on curfew duty and the function ended happily. As Habba Kadal bridge was under curfew, we had to take a longer route through 1st bridge to reach our houses.

However, people kept an coming (especially those living nearby) till late in the evening. It was really a miracle that the function could be performed inspite of the curfew.

I had to attend the marriage of my grandson in New Delhi on the 3rd of October '84 and subsequently had to attend the marriage of Bhagwan Ji's Sister, Janki Devi's grand daughter (d/o Triloknath Kachru) an 25th October, 1984. The latter function took place at Ashoka Hotel. On return from the function some sort of neasiness had overwhelmed me and I was perplexed as to what had happened. Concentration on Bhagawa Ji, who would normally appear in my vision as soon as I closed my eyes or with my eyes open, even sometimes, I was faced with total darkness, I did not get his vision at all. Do what might, there was a total occulsion which continued till about 20th of January '85. Enveloped by total darkness. I failed to understand what had taken place or what was going to happen. I did happen to get some sound vibrations sometimes but very feeble. l was clearly immobilized by Muslim saints who thought me a thorn in the way of their objectives and who had been relentless, pursuing me from 1984 onwards or even from earlier years. There is a Muslim lady (boatwomen) living in a doonga adjacent to the river ghat near the Ashram who frequently has Bhagwan Ji's darshan, coming down the stairs of the Ashram to bathe in the river. Two years earlier, the house of Bhagwan Ji's devotee, Pandit Trilokinath Raina (opposite Shri Gapinath Malla's residence) caught fire. The firestarted an the 3rd storey of the house in the rooms (in possession of his collateral brothers) on the Northern side and was spreading to the portion occupied by Trilokinath. The Muslim lady come out and openly solicited Bhagwan Ji's help to save T.N's house as he was Bhagwan Ji's true devotee. The fire consumed everything in the room of the collaterals of T.N. and tongues of flame lapped out of the portion of house of T.N. through the windows but nothing of his was burnt till fire fighters quenched the fire later. In the third week of October '84, she had become aware of a meeting of both Hindu and Muslim, saints in the Ashram but had no further information, for what purpose. Probably Muslim saints had come to challenge Bhagwan Ji. She had told everybody about the occurance.

The ashram members had to keep, Bhagwan ji's arms up (just as Jews did), by prayer ahutus in fire but nothing was done as nobody seemed to be alive to this danger. The result was the Shakti Culture Upasena of Kashmir received a deadly jolt by the assassination of Indira Ji, who was the main support of Shakti Culture Uparana of Kashmir. She had great faith in Shakti Upasana. Whenever she- would come to Kashmir (once or twice every year), she would worship in Shakti shrines and also wanted to uphold them and not countenance any descretion of these site. She had come to Kashmir about 10 days before her assasination. She first went to the Muslim shrine of Mukdum Sahib on the Southern side of Hari Parvat hill while ascending the stairs (she was probably spiritually attacked by Muslim saints and fell down. After praying in the shrine, she did go to the Sharika Bhagawati shrine at Chakreshwar and worshpped Bhagawati there. But some how the Devi was not inclined to help her. The next day she went to meet Swami Lachman Joo at Nishatbagh and was with him for an hour or so but there was no question of her being saved by him.

However hard the Muslim saints may try using all artifical and questionable methods, they will ultimately fail to penetrate the citadel of Shakti Culture Upasana in Kashmir which has very deep root. There may be temporary setbacks but in the end Shakti Upasana Culture will spread its beneficient enlightening rays throughout the world as "Bhagwan Consciousness" with more universal application which is now possible in the world of the present day and the world would be a better place to live in.

This letter may be treated as confidential. The idea in asking you to keep this letter a secret is that we may not be regarded as men who, have lost their poise and many people will not follow what say as they cannot understand this sort of language. Besides there is the danger that it might breed friction in the Ashram at Srinagar which I want to avoid at all costs.

I hope this letter will not bore you but will give you an idea as to how difficult is your task as both yourself and Sister Jann will sooner or later have to confront these forces of discruption [sic]. No action seems to be possible without polarities (dwunds in Sanskrit) and there is no easy way out.

I would be glad if you show this letter to Sister Jann also to whom I am writing seperately.

With unbounded love to you and Sister Jann.


S. N. Fotedar

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