Robert Louis Jones and Anthony Paul Bermanseder

This proposal is entitled: GENESIS - The Origins of the Genetic Code

and subdivided into three parts and a supplement:

        1.  The Hierarchy Scale of Universal Genetic Structure

        2.  The Modular Symmetry of the 12-Dimensional DNA-Triple Hejix

        3.  The Higgs-Bosonic Blueprint and the Restmass Induction Scale

        4.  The Supplement

The Aim of the proposal is to once and for all eliminate any need or dependancy on supernatural or piaranormal agencies to describe the natural environment of scientifically semanticised phenomena.

The Objective for the proposed Aim is achieved in the developments of, from the universal matrix of information coded energy, the intrinsic eigenstate or gestalt of the universal wavefunction.

The intrinsic nature of the peripheral standing wave is derived from mathematical principles and algorithmic codes alone; the primordial datacode defining the origins of numerical mensuration from an uncountable infinite binary set.

The Results obtained from the Objective form a selfcontained and monistically principled descriptioia of the universe as a self-created and quantumised entity with defined boundary conditions and parameters.

Description of the Agenda

A single-principled search for an intrinsic energy value for the universe must necessarily find a metric-independent background for a spacetime continuum of classical geometry and quantum topology.  This scalar energy field (of the Higgsian Temperature Vacuum) then weds Einsteinian Relativity to Quantum Mechanics in a theory of quantum relativity.

We have named this the Unified Field of Quantum Relativity or UFoQR.

The Hierarchical Scale in GENESI3 invites the reader to participate in a journey to discover the scale of all things by beginning with the observable and measured environment in considering the world of the cellular biochemistry.

The observed and well documented workings of the genetic code in its form of the double helix is invoked but tentatively extended in a quadruplistic enfoldment of spacetime within a continuum of inverse energy or magnetocharges.

The 64-codon defined genetic codex is quadrupled and associated with dormant intron functions on a genome encompassing four interwoven spacetimes manifesing in 10 dimensions and reflecting via a 11 dimensional modular mirror in the 12th.

A reconfiguration of the magnetocharges as dimensional intersections induces a potentially infinite distribution of magnetocharges to permutate into a dipolar representation or its unified state.  This rearrangement specifies a 4x4 codon matrix as a chromosomatic differentiation associated with the sexual characteristics and splices the 64-codex into arbitrary male and female parts.

An intrinsic wave-particle duality crystallises from this split and indicates a maximisation/minimisation or quantum scaling of an universal size parameter or wave1ength in human genomatic associations

In discovering a pre-spacetime measurement of creation to modulate the macroscale in the microscale, the quantisation units for space and time are uniquely set as cosmic initialisation parameters and boundary conditions.

A variety of necessary equations and cosmological relationships are derived and/or indicated to exhibit the primary origin of such scientifically measured results via experiment and data analysis.

A primal background is defined and derived as a redefinition of the Planckian energy scale of unitary mensuration, rendering the space-time measurement dimensionless or magnetocharged.

The Modular Symmetry in GENESIS extends the Watson-Crick-Wilkins (1951) double helix in 4-D into the Curtis (1998) decagonal helix in 12-D in defining the manifestation of the pentagonised helical geometry as consequence of the original mathematical coding in the complex plane.

The 64-codex is revisited in view of the fourfold extension to show the amino acid coding as permutational configuration of modular symmetry and as primary partitioning of the 4x4 matrix.

Separated DNA/RNA strands align for potential recombination via the definitions of magneto-inductive and electro-capacitative coupling LC-factors, also specifying the basis for sexual intercourse.

The Higgs Bosonic Blueprint in GENESIS unites the Standard Models or Quantum ElectroDynamics and Quantum ChromoDynamics in merging Gravity with Quantum FlavourDynamics via the mass energy scale of fundamental particles from the quantum geometry in the UFoQR.

Quarks and leptons are defined in supersymmetry to their interdimensional gauge field partners in a relationship of superparity.

The Supplement then uses the unified and autonomous universal genetic superstructure to invent, in selfrelative authority, a mythology of symbolic language; taking the form of a universal religious-scriptural context and defining all "Gods/Antigods" to constitute mental fabrications by minds in oscillatorial resonances within the UFoQR.

Assesment of the Agenda

The assessment of the proposal is summarised under the following criteria:

Originality in terms of scientific verifications

The work is original in that a variety of scientific laws and premises become synthesised in a singular manner, leaving no room for disagreement past the monistic principle itself.

A significant number of outstanding scientitic results become unified by the UFoQR; the experimental evidence having been published worldwide.

Examples include:

1. The Kamiokande Neutrino measurements in Japan, pointing the research data towards a muonic/tauonic re5tmass induction of mean 0.05 eV, headline of June 4th 1998; New Scientist.,13-3-99, p.32
Equation #15 defines this energy value as 0.052106. electron volt*.

2.  A measured alpha-finestructure variation with the Keck 10m telescope in Hawaii, singling out a redshift epoch in the expansion of the universe in the z-interval from about 1.0 to 1.6 and corresponding to a time about 8 Billion years ago; New Scientist, 28th March,1998, p.12
Equations #1, 3, 43 defining the Hubble oscillation, specifies this period to span a time interval or 4.4 Billion years for z=1 .08 to 1.84

3.  The Sarkar measurements from the Anglo-Australian Automatic Plate Measuring Survey, which sampled 2 million galaxies closer than 2 billion lightyears (ly) to find galactic clumping of around 300 million ly across as cosmic architecture; New Scientist, 25th April1998, p.7
Equations # 10, 12, define the Sarkar Constant as 236.5 Million ly*

4.  The worldwide publication of data pointing to an accelerating universe via supernova type Ia explosions, requiring the existence of a cosmological constant or vacuum quintessence; New Scientist,11th April 1996, p.27
Related to the alpha variation, the UFOQR defines a quasi-blueshift of redshift z about the Hubble node, retting a decelerating cosmos.

The proposal as a critical thought-experiment

The work does not rely on experimental science to deduce the evolved conclusions, but induces the unifying principles from the deductions obtained by an externally operating experimental science of measurement and observation.

The analysis of experimental data so becomes the criteria for induction.  The thought experiment rests on the premise to position the universal observer "outside" defined boundaries of a measured spacetime.

This 12-dimensional F-space forms however the holographic reflection for a 10-dimensional quantisation of 4-dimensional 0-space.  The hologramic modular mirror becomes the 11-dimensional medium of M-space, defined as surface topology of a Moebian Klein-Bottle-Torus.  The thoughtful holographer/eiperimenter is literally in two places at the same time and by twisting a higher dimensional surface, renders the inside of the modular mirror continuous with its outside.  A 4-D hypersphere Riemann-Volumar is effectively doubled as a 5-dimensional surface manifesting as quantum 13-dimensional monad or Weyl-tensor.  The reproduction of the universal wavefunction then uses this 13-D nesting within itself to form a 26-D dyad by baseperfect genetic matching.  The point of intersection or sexual intercourse becomes the scaling constant or wormhole radius as defined in GENESIS.

A dyadic wave-particle duality is thus obtained as male-female match-making and the biochemical implementation via messenger-transfer nucleic acids in the interwoven spacetimes.

The maleness pair of mRNA/tDNA reflecting in the female tRNA/mDNA, as described in GENESIS, actualises the Thymine/Enimine DNA-intron coding.  The potential for a superhuman organism therefore exists as an intrinsic parameter in the UPoQR and the work explains the mechanisms for the necesary transformations to occur.

All conclusions inferred are reductionistically derived from known and experimentally tested natural phenomena. The laws of science become however extended in their unificaticn in omnispace.

The value of the proposal

Tise proposal has significant applicability for any scientific researcher, thought experimenter and/or philosopher.

Any such engagee familiar with the unifying force in the UFoQR, cannot but consider this work hisher own, which it is by definition of the genetic mastercoding in the Thymine/Enimine manifesto.

The genetic mastercode is active within all living cells and transcends the biovital ideotype via the L-C factor couplings to all expressions of the quark-leptonic hierarchies or the Planck-Einstein-Higgs energy relations and the Newton-Maxwell forcelaw extensions as defined in GENESIS and its references.

Any scientific endeavour is enhanced and harmonised through the permeating awareness provided by the resonance of the engagee's mindfulness with the unifying Vorcefield in the UFoQR.

Instant communication in Quantumspace is achieved in tuning the individuated inductive- and capacitative chromosomatic factors in the data processor or antenna/brain into primary bosonic source reception.  The mediating gauge forcefield is switched on via the restmass-photonic coupling of the RMP's to the gauge field interaction mediators in the UFoQR and as biochemically expressed by the decagonal DNA-forcefield.   This manifests the monadic tensor as macroquantum tunneling wormhole, internalising the extroverted universal wavefunction as the engagee, who as offspring or "baby in the cosmic womb" becomes one with the universe as 13-dimensional quantum event embedded within 4-D spacetime.

So any exponent of the omni-scientific modus operandi becomes infinitised via the UFoQR and the related omni-mathematical transformations, which, via the Feynman Path Integral of particular histories, allow the Cantorian Aleph-Null Cardinality of uncountable infinite sets to assume the Aleph-AlI Cardinality of every Infinity being counted as One.

Thus the scientific engagee becomes All That Is; and it is he/she who breathes the fire of the living plasma into the equations as GODDEVIL!

Genesis was submitted as an entry to the Australian Skeptics 2000  Eureka Prize for Critical Thinking

For the complete text of Genesis, please write to

Tony Bermanseder
Pacifica Omniscience
17 Bungendore Road
Queanbeyan 2620, NSW
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