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abstract of document Life Beyond the Earth -  on-line chapter that covers the concept of a lifezone and the types of stars to focus on in the search for suitable planets - gives a basic astronomy grounding for inquiry into Exobiology

Web Site The Astrobiology Web - comprehensive list of links includes links to material on Astrobiology, Exobiology, Life and Planets, Space Life Science Exploration, Terraforming and more much more - a good refernce site to bookmark

Web Site Cosmic Ancestry - the modern version of Panspermia - argues for the origin of life from outer space (seeded by comets etc)

Web Site Astrobiology : Road Map - Plotting astrobiology's goals and charting the path to achieve them... - includes such issues as How Does Life Begin and Develop? Does Life Exist Elsewhere in the Universe? What is Life's Future on Earth and Beyond? Question: How Does Life Begin and Develop? - excellent introduction and overvioew of teh topic

Web SiteExobiology Defined - A Program of NASA's Solar System Exploration Division Written by NASA Exobiology Program Manager: Michael A. The goal of NASA's Exobiology program is to understand the origin, evolution, and distribution of life in the universe.

abstract of document Titan and the Origin of Life on Earth
Abstracted from the article "The Relevance of Titan and Cassini/Huygens to Pre-biotic Chemistry and the Origin of Life on
Earth" by T. Owen et al.

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