Cosmic Evolution

the Gross and Subtle Planes

The following extremely speculative diagram of planetary and microcosmic evolution suggests the interaction between the physical and the etheric stages, combining the Anthroposophical four ethers with the Arthur Young's four degrees of freedom.  The phases of etheric manifestation descend and ascend through varying degrees of freedom.  Steiner associated the "warmth" ether with both the physical and etheric planes, which is what has been done here.  The only difference is that Steiner equated the so-called "Life Ether" not only with the element earth but with the human consciousness or ego as well.  This may be a refernce to the way consciousness becomes rigid and structured and so is no doubt true on a certain level, but if the "densest" level represents 0° of freedom this ether would have to correspond to inanimate matter, hence I have renamed it "form ether".  Note taht in this more complex system the original etehrs are here replaced by a mandalic arrangement of thirteen ethers

Etheric/physical  Plane (involutionary)
Etheric physical
Etheric physical
Time begins
Mundane Physical Universe
Noetic resonance Noeric resonance Psychic resonance Physical resonance Psychic resonance Noeric resonance Noetic resonance/ 
Big Bang
extremely early Universe
(unified field)
very early universe
elementary particles
pop.II stars, nebula, planetary formation  early Hadean era on Earth late Hadean era on Earth 
Precambrian and Phanerozoic eras on Eath
(geological time-scale)
Historical past and future; man's reign on earth and in the universe
3° freedom 2° freedom 1° freedom 0° freedom 1° freedom 2° freedom 3° freedom 2° freedom 1° freedom 0° freedom 1°freedom 2° freedom 3° freedom
3° freedom
Warmth Ether
(foundation of consciousness in physical - quantum)
(world of ideas, language. books, media, the Net)
2° freedom   Light Ether       sensitising ether           Mature
animals, plants, eukaryotes
genetic engineering; 
1° freedom     Chemical/ Sound Ether   metabolising ether
(archetype of organic body)
      non-linear thermo- dynamics dissipative structures prebiotic
Primitive Biosphere
organic macromolcules
organic nanotech
0° freedom       Form Ether
(archetypes of geoid kingdom)
planetary formation
inorganic chemistry
chemical substratum of life chemistry,
inorganic nanotech
1° freedom   Chemical/
Sound Ether
(archetypes of solar systems & of atoms)
Sound Ether
"music of the_spheres"
      plasma, stars, ionic gas
molocules, planetary nebula, solar system
 atoms and molocules
2° freedom   light-ether       Light ether   cosmogenesis
hadron, lepton eras
subatomic particles
3° freedom  warmth ether           (etheric- physical) - cosmologenesis  quantum field, sub-atomic particles, quantum indeterminacy

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