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No Drugs

The first and most important rule is no drugs!

I need to explain why this is so important

First, I am not against those people who for reasons of personal preferce or physical constitution are able to take psychedelic drugs as a means of psychological and occult development, in the manner of some tribal peoples (ethnogens). There is no rule that applies to everyone; some people can awaken higher centers through psychedelics, whereas others damage their aura and become schizophrenic through taking the very same drugs in the very same circumstances. It's like abusive gurus, the same guru and the same behaviour can seriously emotionally traumatise one person, and give spiritual awakening to another. There are no rules for everyone.

Also, I am not against kids who take marijuana as youthful experimentation, because most kids do it, and its good to experiment with different things, especially when you're young. Ditto ecstacy at rave parties etc.

It is ony when it becomes an entrenched habit that continues for years that it is bad. It is not teh drug, it is the addiction that is of concern.

So when I say no drugs, I don't mean ooh-ah that is so bad and naughty we must leave a clean and conservative life. No, I mean, in this particular community that I would like to establish, the rule is no drugs.

The reason I say this is because drug use in the alternative movemnt has become a monster, taht prevents any spiritual growth in the community as a whole, and worse, feeds the criminal element.

In Australia at least, and from what I have heard in America as well, perhaps worldwide, the traditional Alternative Community, while sharing many spiritual ideals in common with those of myself and likeminded friends, is really stuck. Massive marijuana use is ubiquitous, representing the alternative version of the inebriated pub regular. In both cases, social drug use has deteriorated into a flight from reality into the comforting arms of one's addiction of choice. This is more tragic with alternative communities, because by clouding the higher chakras it is an obstruction to genuine spiritual development. While the drug user has some of their basic centers opened to non-normal states of being, they are unable to go beyond that to higher states of consciousness.

Moreover, cultivation of illegal drugs results in police raids and encourages hard drug users and organised crime, such as Nimbin (the original hippy center in north-east New South Wales) which has been taken over by heroin. According to Wikipedia, the New Age community of Wikipedia link Christiania has problems with drugs and drug-related violence.

There are health risks too. Marijuana can remain in the bloodstream for weeks, and in the fat cells indefinitely. It's one more toxic chemical in addition to all the others. The amazing thing is that alternative peoplke, who usually protest against the pollution of the world, willingly put this crap in their bpodies. As with tobacco use, passive smoke affects non-smokers in the vicinity; in both cases, the ultimate selfishness.

Marijuana can also make one susceptible to mild psychosis (paranoia) and negative but minor subtle physical/physical astral influences, because it weakens the links between the physical and the subtle bodies and allows these things to enter. Hard psychedelics are even worsem, as they cause schizophrenia and/or possession by nature spirits. Ecstacy has unknown long term damages that will no doubt be revealed in several decades time as the current rave generation grows older.

So this is one rule that cannot be compromised on. This is why the mainstream alternative movement has floundered. Let us learn from their mistakes!

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